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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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Hey everyone it's the polar bear guy here! (anyone at the con this year knows me)
I know you have been reading about all of these cons being planned and even if you are not attending you can contribute by starting one in a location near you! Or you can give us input and advice on things to do and we would love to hear your ideas for these cons! 

First of all Thank you for attending this year's con I hope you all enjoyed meeting Notch and will be coming to next year's con! (Don't think he will be there next year xD but he would be happy to see cons going on for minecraft)

SecondWe are looking for Volunteers for next years con! If you want to contribute to next year's con and want to be involved either Message me or email me at

We will be having meetings before the actual con within months of each other (two between or so and maybe the closer we get the more meetings...?)

I would love to hear ideas for activities, vendors and other things to occur during the convention

I don't know what else if you have anything to say just let me know.


Location: not determined yet
maybe at the park? seattle? everett?
would like to hear where a good location for this would be :3
activities: to be decided

I would love to hear ideas and other things and if you want to contribute in any way just email me and be sure to check the forums for updates! Also we have a blog for minecraft con as well!!!!

Talk to you more soon!

Polar Bear Guy

(Aka Joshua Reber)

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