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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Minecraft Con streaming

So this is all from my buddy stickman off of minecraft forums and I give him credit for all of this. Here is the link. ----->

"There were two folks at MinecraftCon streaming video. One was NoahGibbs, I was the other one.

I was the one that showed up 45 minutes late and wasted half my battery by streaming me and QED trying to get to the con. After I arrived, Gibbs streamed together for a bit, then stopped and waited for my battery to die before he picked up again.

The uStream app has a few annoyances.
1) Every time the signal hiccups, it creates a new video. So there's a ton of videos segmented up, and a number of missing spots.
2) The uStream chat only scrolls for so long, then it stops getting new posts. Instead of dumping older ones, it never gets any new ones. Fixing it involves restarting the app. I didn't know this, and for the first 30-45 minutes after I arrived I couldn't read chat. I didn't want to restart it and miss all the questions and answers going by, and people didn't seem to be leaving the stream, so I waited until a quiet spot to try restarting it, which fortunately fixed the problem.

My stream had between 200 and 300 people in it at any given time.

Here's a list of the streams while we were actually at the con, with some transscript of what's in each one. Note that I'm not good at deciphering some of this stuff. If you wanna provide better "translations" feel free. I'll fill in the gaps, but I actually couldn't hear very much myself. The camera picked up a lot more than I thought it would.

The bold stuff is summaries and what I thought was interesting. You may not agree and want to read more, or watch the videos. ENJOY!

1) Arrival, any added blocks (saphire, etc) would have a purpose.
(no video) 3 minutes.
Q: Try and push our way to the center.
Me: Yeah, this should be good... I think I just broke it though.
Me: Oh chat scrolls. That's... terrible.
Me: Does it scroll up or ... down? (no new messages on either end makes me start thinking it's broken)
Me: I don't know how this chat works.
Me: S'up! This is a big group!
Me: There's Notch, he's in the middle with the hat. Can't hear 'im.
Me: Well, ok. Lemme see if I can squeeze in there.
Me: And I don't know how this chat works, I can't tell if people are saying something or not.
Notch: ... how... increase the...
1:14 Q: Can I get like, er, are you gonna be implimenting say a flame (something)?
Me and the other stream guy stream each other's phones. But it turns out you can't see anything anyway. Ghostbuster's reference denied.
(Silence until 2:30)
Q; ...distinguish between someone griefing and someone just trying to create an interesting... so
Me: I had no audio. I must have bumped a button. There's no feedback on these touch displays.
2:42 Q: Are you going to add any-- right how you know we have diamonds, are we going to have saphire, etc.
Notch: Well anything I add is going to have a purpose.

Me: Let me restart this video.

2) Progression in pickaxes.
43 seconds
Me: Alright, let's try this again.
Notch: Probably with tools, but probably with crafts.
Q: I have three blocks, throw that away. Three stone blocks, I'd throw that away.
Notch: Yeah the wood blocks are bad, you needed to get a wood pickaxe to get the stone. It would be interesting to do ...
Q: (can't make it out)

3) More purposes for gravel?
53 seconds
Q: You can do it a little while, but it's gonna break your hand eventually.
Q: I don't know about you but it hurts my hand the first time.
(talking about punching rock, I think)
Notch: ... tell you when you're close to getting that one.
(I think the subject is upgrading pickaxes, or leveling your hand to break harder things without a pickaxe?)
Notch: Gonna have to be like every 20 feet. But how do you make that clear?
Q: Could be like a tutorial, punching cactus, ow what ow and I'm dead.
Q: I have a friend watching the livestream who's asking, what's the point of gravel? Is it gonna be used for something other than the flint? Is there going to be some actual crafting that's going to be done with the gravel blocks:
Notch: Naw I don't think it's--

4) Notch is trolling. More Redstone uses.
37 seconds
Notch: ... to do something like compact a different ... walk up. So then I'd probably make gravel a (past) one.
Q: (Complaining about hearing scary sounds nearby)
Notch: There's a cave near you is the thing. Dig down.
Q: NEVER DIG DOWN! Never dig down!
Q: I'll be randomly sitting in my house and hear a creepy random noise and thinking... Is Notch trolling me?
A: You've probably got a cave under your house.
Q: Do you have plans for making more redstone things you can work with the world--

5) Resdstone sensors, light sensors, and trap doors.
23 seconds
Notch: ... sensor, or like a brightness sensor stuff like that. So you can say like your doors get shut when it's night.
Q: And do you have other things that you can use for trapmaking or something else, other than like the doors, etc.
Notch: Yeah, I'm gonna do trap doors. I'm trying to work out a way to do it. ... like a trapdoor. But I can't--

6) Resume
23 seconds
Notch: ... with a trapdoor. Then when you fall down you see the TNT.
Q: Question. What would I have to do to work for you. Seriously.
(Hands over bound and covered resume)
Notch: Oh, resume.
Q: I'm not even kidding.

7) The community will run the community. Notch would sponsor the servers, aid with expenses.
57 seconds
Forum Manager: Would you be interesting in possibly taking over, helping, something like that.
Notch: I try to keep away from all the running -- stay focused on doing the game. But I can definitely like sponsor it, and help with costs and stuff like that, and more links to it. But I think it's kind of a good idea to keep the community community-run.
Forum Manager: SO you have no interesting in taking ov-- because that's what a lot of people like mods -- they're just holding back thinking that you're going to want to take those over yourself at some point.
Notch: When I start up the company I'm probably going to hire someone to do the website and be in charge of doing community features, but it's probably not gonna be forums and stuff like that.
Forum Manager: But you would be interested in possible sponsoring.

Notch: Yeah yeah, definitely.
Forum Manager: Letsee here, lemme give you a card, so you can start answering questions.
Q: (Seeing picture in wallet) Oh, a girl.
Forum Manger: That's my wife actually.

8) Bowls
8 seconds
Redgirl: So, um. You know.
Yeah, yeah, no. They were yeah.
Redgirl: Do you see yourself updating bowls anytime soon. Because I mean it--

9) Why does the Minecraft server keep going down? Registration is a bottleneck, and will be fixed when Notch hires someone to fix it. Minecarts will be able to be linked like a train, eventually.
Q: Wasn't that social commentary originally?
Notch: Yeah, kind of. When I did it I was originally going to make it the strongest one like in every game. But then like I was talking to someone who said, yeah it's funny because like in real life it would really suck. And I thought, that's brilliant.
(Notch is given a flat plastic creeper)
Guy: You can hang it up on your wall. Hope it doesn't explode.
Q: Ever gonna add HDR or bloom to Minecraft?
Q: What's the Minecraft master server run on? The one that keeps going down?
Notch: It's a pretty good server. The problem is when the people registers, it can only have one registration at a time. And the time to have the registration became longer than the time to process the registration. And so it kept going down for that reason. But I'm going to speed it up as soon as I hire someone to do that for me. Because I know next to nothing about it.

Q: We should get a group picture.
Q: Oh my gosh, yeah we should.
Regirl: Does anyone have like a tripod?
Q: That'd be the intelligent thing.
Q: Who had the mom here?
Q: We'll just photoshop ourselves in.
Me: I don't see the ustream chat moving at all, so if you guys are saying anything I can't tell.
1:30 Q: I a question for ya. It's about minecarts. I was talking with someone earlier. And you know. If a minecart is going a certain direction, and if there's a minecart behind it. Maybe a way to connect the minecarts together. So instead of just being able to push, it can pull the minecart.
Notch: Yeah, I think I'm gonna figure out a way to do that.

10) Rollercoasters, with the chain-pulling. Elevators, or "lifts" will get in eventually. Minecarts may end up running when out of the player's loaded chunks.
Q: My thought was like, you craft a separate item, and then you just kinda walk up to the two minecarts, you use it, and it connects those two.
Q: Rollercoaster.
Q: Full on rollercoaster, have all your friends connected in multiplayer.
Redgirl: On that subject, will we be having like trains, or like some other motorized vehicles.
Notch: Well you can make the powered minecart.
Redgirl: I mean like for carrying like ore, and large amounts of material.
Notch: You can build the storage carts.
Redgirl: I'm really enchanted by the idea of traveling long distances on trains. I'm really into trains.
Notch: That will be possible somehow. It won't look like a train, but it'll look like a Minecraft train.
Bearhatguy: I had problems when I was playing where the powered minecart won't be able to push me. That's my main problem I've been having.
Notch: Yeah, I'm definitely going to fix that. I didn't even test them.
Bearhatguy: It drives me crazy. Oh oh oh uh moving, then it's stuck and jammed and moving into the corner.
Jauntycap: Are you gonna make a kind of track that pulls up, you know, how you would on a roller coast, the kind of track that pulls you up. Or just stick with the powered minecart.
Notch: Yeah, I might do that. There's a bit of overlap between those and the powered minecarts. I'm not sure which one is best to have.
Q: Make them all!
Jauntycap: Oh, elevators! That was a good question. Elevators.
Notch: Yeah, one thing I want to do is--

(Not recorded: Notch has lifts planned, with tracks, so you could lift up a minecart out of a shaft. I also questioned about the technical aspect of carts: The world is loaded around the player. If a minecart is moving, and it goes outside of the player's influence chunks, it just stops. Notch said if it becomes necessary, he can get minecarts working, loading areas around them. He's worried about griefing and memory use, though.)

11) Lifts won't have normal lighting, like from torches for technical reasons.
9 seconds
Jauntycap: ...take the cart in and put it up.
Notch: Yeah so it could look like normal terrain but it wouldn't do lighting. So it could just have lighting decorations.
Q: What about multiplayer, what about--

12) Probably no trade window, careful for people stealing stuff. Shift-click for quick storage inventory transfer. Enchanted items will have a prefix and suffix. The wild, seemingly unplanned and overpowered magic for Morrowind is inspiriation for Notch.
(Question for a trade window so people don't steal stuff, Notch says he likes the "rough" trading we already have where you throw it.)
Q: Look up and take the ...
Redgirl: Yeah, that's a probably I had a lot.
Q: Secretive, like cloak and dagger. You gotta go like you, come with me.
Notch: But I kinda like the rough like -- especially when you throw it from your hand.
Q: Are you going to have player versus player?
Notch: Yes.
Q: Are you gonna be able to kill people if they steal your stuff.?
Notch: Yes, it's gonna be on by default.
Q: (storage bins) ... if you shift click something it'll automatically put it in the other screen.
Notch: Yeah, I'm gonna do that. That's coming.
Q: You mentioned a while back, enchanted armor. Any ideas on that?
Notch: Well, not detailed I guess. Later on in the summer I guess. It'll be possibly a prefix and a suffix. Like burning armor, which will automatically ignite you or something. That's not a good one.

Q: I had an idea a while back for uh feathered shoes, that slow your fall so you don't get hurt from high -- jumping from high places.
Notch: I love the like -- in Morrowind where they just added the rand(om magic without testing it, so you could jump and end up flying into the air.)

13) We'll have animal riding. Furniture, probably a "design your own" style with ends and seats, etc.
Notch: Yeah, I'm leveling mountains now because it's broken.
Q: Have you thought about adding a car that you drive around the island?
Notch: Well, not a car. But I'm thinking like ride an animal around the island. Some way to travel to a new area.

Q: Once there's a way of not getting lost, a beacon, people will want to travel long areas faster. Right now I don't---
Q: Furniture! Is there going to be furniture soon? My house is empty.
Notch: Yeah, which furniture would you like?
Q: Maybe a respawn point bed I've heard suggested a lot?
Notch: Chairs, table?
 I kinda like make four rooms. And yeah, like, this block is a chair.
Q: Imagination!
Redgirl: Well you already can make armchairs with two signs and a--
Notch: Yeah, I saw that, that's very clever. Perhaps that's a better idea. Several blocks that you can make into shapes like that.
Redgirl: Are you going to add corner stairs? 'Cause like when you do a staircase that leads up and to the left and right, it's awkward.
Q: And if you put enough stairs in a row, they start turning invisible.
Q: Yeah, that's kind of a bug.
Notch: Really?

14) [b]Public bug tracker won't exist unless it gets proper community support.

Me: ... plans to impliment a public bug tracker?
Notch: Yeah, probably. It's going to be spammed a lot of duplicates. If there are enough people interested in communities to really handle it, try to mark stuff as duplicates, stuff like that.

Me: I think that'll happen.
Notch: Yeah, I hope so, but the most I've seen just turn into duplicate bug tests.
Me: You could always play the assignment game. Find some volunteers that are willing and assign them to a task, and if they stop doing it after a few months, find a new one. Or assign a community member to do that for you.
Notch: And how about someone to assign that community member.
Me: Yes. Deligation all the way down. Let's fill this up with bureaucracy.
Q: I had a more technical question.
(Someone flees the scene)
Q: Technical question. Do you anticipate or might you be doing something like divorcing the lighting system from the block based world to make it more possibly something more dynamic, or even divorcing geometry from the block base world, or making a quad tree to generalizing the blocks--

(The question was along the lines, are you gonna be able to "upgrade" The graphics away from blocks later, or allow others to make mods to do so. The answer was pretty much no.)

15) Video of a creeper head signing.
Notch: ...some exceptions for it. And if I have to do two or three more exceptions, then I'm gonna generalize it.
Notch: Where?
Q: Dry it off!
Q: Sign "I'm Notch."
Notch: But it's not Notch.
Redgirl saves the day with a thick Micron, since the Sharpie doesn't work.

16) Redstone machines.
55 seconds.
0:20 Q: So has anyone tried to make a turing complete machine?
Notch: I don't know if they have. The last thing I saw was like a counter that had a display with numbers increasing, like a block. That's the most advanced I've seen. The easiest thing to impliment is probably the game of life. Or like the rule 7 thing.
Q: You have gates and you can manipulate states.
Notch: Yes, it is turing complete. Because you have the not and the or gates.

17) We'll have a lot more things we can craft than we have now.
1m 18s
Q: (Redstone torches don't always work)
Notch: The problem is that the triggers, some of them are clientside. I just need to find those and fix them. But it's going to work in multiplayer. I'm a bit worked out ... a lot of terrain ... 
Q: Make it so it only sends it to the clients that are ...
Notch: Yeah it's going to do that, but it's still going to be a lot. ...
Q: Can't you do contact...
Notch: That's really not a general way of doing it. If I had different types of ... they'd have to do different things. But for redstone, I'm thinking I will have to do a clientside switch, otherwise it'll be too much data.
Q: Do you plan on having hundreds and hundreds if things you can craft, or do you plan on eventually stopping and just having a number of things.
Notch: I'm probably--

(I believe Notch said he adds things as he thinks of them. And there's going to be a lot in the long run.)

21 seconds
Notch: ... releasing. ... type what is going to be resulting. ...
Q: I read somewhere, I think it was on the wiki, that you plan on mak--

(Question is: Torches aren't going to last forever, eventually? They will burn out?)

19) Torches won't last forever, we'll get a replacement that's harder to craft that will. Notch will automatically replace torches with it on the upgrade.
21 seconds
Notch: Probably going to add like oil lamps or something, that never runs out. And then I'll replace all the current torches with that.
Q: You'll destroy my light?
Notch: No, I will not destroy the current things. 'Cause the torches are too easy to make, so you can make an entire dungeon 100% safe with barely any effort.

20) Windmills as another source of "power" that's not redstone. Possibly oil.
Notch: An oil lamp feels like it should run out itself, so it's going to be something else. But it's going to be not much more expensive than normal torches, but perhaps you're going to have at least found steel or something before you can make them.
Q: Are you going to make a permanent alternative to that, like a lightbulb.
Notch: Yeah, the alternative that I add will be the permanent one. So the torches will be temporary, with a permanent alternative that will be slightly more expensive.
Q: What about creating power station, so you can have powerlines that power houses.
Notch: Well the redstone is the electricity if Minecraft.
Q: Well not about electricity, but what about wind power, so you have to make a windmill.
Notch: Yeah, that's a good idea. Yeah. I saw the animated gif with the waterwheel thing, was really awesome. If I'd seen that early in development of Minecraft I would have gone that route.

Q: What about oil? Are you going to add in oil deposits? Create like a well.
Notch: Yeah, I could.
Q: ... oil source...
Notch: ... buckets.

21) Redgirl will hopefully post her notes on the forum. Biomes will include snowy mountains. Volcanos and other things will be "megastructures" like caves are now.
Q: Are you taking notes?
Redgirl: Yeah!
Q: Oh, awesome.
Redgirl: Well I figured you know, my friends are really bugged they couldn't go.
Q: You know, your friend the internet would also love to see those.

Redgirl: Well I don't have a blog or anything.
Q: You could use the forums.
Redgirl: Yeah, maybe I'll post in the minecraft forums.
Q: Right now you basically have to minimize everything in order to see the clock. If there was a block ingame, you could see your own time. You wouldn't have to go elsewhere to see the time.
Notch: Yeah, that'd be nice.
Q: Have you considered making mountains that have snow, open on the top with lava on the sides and stuff.
Notch: Definitely. It would have been in by now if it had worked. But that's going to be part of the megastructures thing. Caves are the only megastructures I have now.

Q: ... blast a hole in the side and all the lava--

22) Notch won't be at PAX2010. World of Minecraft and Notch get along. The next MinecraftCon will be in Europe, but we may have another one here in the States.
Q: ways to get up there, instead of being able to just jump and put things down under you.
Q: You can do that?
Notch: Sometimes you want to do that because there's something high up and you need to be able to reach it. If you go that high, you can die if you jump off, but then you have this really annoying tower.
Redgirl: Hey, are you going to be attending the Penny Arace Expo?
Notch: No. I didn't know about it when I got my tickets. I leave on Friday.
All: Awwwwwwwww.
Redgirl: I had a Sunday ticket I was willing to give you if you stayed.
(Weather talk, only rained today out of weeks)
Notch: I think I'm going to have another MinecraftCon in Europe. Because I'm from Europe.
WoM: What's your official view on the World of Minecraft thing?
Notch: I think it's a great community but some of the tools they released are a bit close to ... uh, yeah. But the people there seem to be willing to listen to me and my opinions and such.

WoM: We want to work with you as much as possible. Have a good relationship with you, the creator of the game, obviously.
Notch: Yeah, and I can tell that from the emails and such. It feels like there's some kind of mutual respect thing.
WoM: Lecore(?) is also Swedish. He'd like to say hi. Though a proxy.
Notch: I didn't know he was Swedish.
WoM: Yeah, he actually lives a few miles away from you.
Me: Oh, creepy.

23) Notch wants to support modding more, but it's difficult to add modding features in during beginning development.
25 seconds
Notch: ... trying to open up more to modding and stuff like that. But when you're still developing the game it's difficult. But the main priority is to encourage people to enjoy the game, which is what I want. But then still, they should enjoy doing what I want. (sarcasm)
WoM: We're open for any suggestions you have for us. You can come and talk to us any time.

24) We may get higher resolution textures at some point, but the standard of graphics is probably not going to change.
(reading forums)
WoM: I barely read them, too, and I'm not developing the game.
Q: Maybe will you hire an artist eventually to make higher definition textures.
Notch: I am going to hire --
(Lots of arguments against changing the look of Minecraft from the background)
Notch: I don't think the game needs fancier graphics at all. I mean, I've seen some of the texture packs people do, and some of those are really good looking. So I think it can have like prettier graphics, but it needs to be higher resolution.
Q: Yeah, but I mean, some people like that higher resolution. It was ever going to go mainstream or something.
Notch: Yeah, but then it's kind of a battle I can't really--

25) Iconic graphics are iconic.
11 seconds
Notch: I don't really want to go there. I think the graphics now are kind of iconic, instead of group sensitive, so it gets more immersive because it's kind of not great looking.

26) Food won't stack in inventory, but it will in chests.
33 seconds
Notch: Yeah it looks silly I've seen the movies.
Q: I have an inventory question. The food, like bread and meat, take up a whole slot. Is it going to stack in containers.
Notch: Yeah, I think it's going to stack in containers. The reason is the inventory, otherwise you could just put a full stack and then you're invulerable.
Q: WHAT? Have you ever tried to put 100 loaves in a chest?

27) Boats are fragile because they're cheap.
34 seconds
Q: Is there any reason for having boats so fragile?
Notch: If they're making the splashes, then they will crash when you run into something.
Q: When you get on them, they kind of go flying off in a direction.
Notch: Yeah, I'm going to fix that. They're kind of cheap to make, so I have to make them fragile.

28) You know if a boat is going to break when you hit something if it has the wake splashes. You may be able to cook food by lighting pigs on fire. Floating logs on fire may soon be a thing of the past.
Q: But what if you like take sand and go aground on sand or something, if it doesn't break.
Q: Are you going to make it so if you set a pig on fire the food comes out already cooked.
Notch: Yeah, I like that.
Q: Are you going to fix the bug where if you make a giant wooden pillar and light it on fire, there will sometimes be chunks that are on fire, but don't ever disappear.
Notch: I made it so fire on top of blocks take a lot lot longer to actually destroy the block. The fire is kind of random, so sometimes you have...
Q: Sometimes on the server, where there's just this block floating in the middle of the area on fire, and it's been there maybe a month.
Notch: I should make it so if there's fire on a floating block it burns down much faster than if the block is on the ground.

Q: Is there going to be a way to make the blocks floating without having to build up to that spot?
Notch: Probably not, because it's so intuitive to aim down.

29) Blocks won't have gravity because of the extreme load it would cause for large things to collapse. However, small things may eventually require obsidian to float. Cobblestone might get mossy with age, infected by nearby mossy cobblestone. Harder monsters may spawn in caves and deeper down.
(Floating blocks affected by gravity, obsidian for floating)
Notch: ... area is floating, it has to load all the chunks and it's a big area, it's very slow. I could still do it for small areas. So you could have floating huge areas without obsidian, but if you do something small you'd need obsidian. Because I like the idea, but it's kind of--
Q: And and other idea is, if you have something you're building that's something floating that's not meant to be floating, and it kind of takes it as a floating fortress, then the house just collapses in on itself.
Notch: Yeah, I have to find what kind of structure something is, is a big problem. I'm trying to do something like spawning only enemies in dungeons, but how do you tell a dungeon from a manmade stone structure. Stuff like that. Finding out if the player made something floating or not. Like if you chop off an overhang.
Q: Are you going to have cobbelstone next to water turn into mossy cobblestone?

(Notch wants moss to spread from existing mossy cobblestones under certain climates, but only if a mossy cobblestone already exists. Keep them rare and interesting.)

(Somewhere, lava monsters are discussed, as well as less or weaker monsters on the surface, while more and horrible mosnters underground, making it easier for monsters to spawn near lava even though it's light.)

30) Clouds will be more than visual eventually. Mine tracks will be buildable on stairs so you can walk up them if you're pushing a cart.
Notch: Then if you have an old cobblestone house, it should be covered in moss.
Q: Maybe cobblestone in a cloud.
Notch: I'm going to remake the clouds so they're an actual entity.
WoM: Placing a mine track on the stairs. So you can push a cart uphill a little better. Now you have to jump every time you're pushing it up.
Notch: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Q: Make it a solid ramp.
WoM: Yeah, or a ramp even making it so you can walk up.
Q: There's no different between stairs and a ramp.
Notch: Yeah, I should do that. I should make it so if you place tracks on stairs you can walk up.

31) The game won't have diagnols. We're gonna stay blocky.
49 seconds
Q: Question about water.
Q: Are you gonna add diagnols like slants into that game? Or is it pretty much gonna be--
Notch: It's gonna be jagged stairs. Earlier on I was thinking about diagnols and stuff, but I think the style is established now.

Q: So what gave you the idea to make Minecraft.
Notch: I had been working for a long time on Flash games, and I wanted to do my own thing. And I was looking around and seeing what kind of games there were. And I was playing Dwarf Fortress, and I was thinking about doing that what with the--

32) 16x16 "megablock" entities may eventually be possible. Doors, boats, etc.
Notch: And then I was doing a first person mode like Dungeon Keeper. And it kinda started working, and I had the blocks and everything, and then I played infiniminer, and I was like wow, this style is just perfect for what to do.
Q: Blocks based entities. Are we going to make like real sized boats? 
Notch: Yeah, I think the max is gonna be like 16x16. But yeah, and they won't have lighting. But it is for elevators and moving large doors, and boats, and stuff like that. It's going to be a pain to work out all the physics for it, but I think I can do it somewhat.

Q: Is there going to be ways to move things around without otherwise having to destroy it or break it down? Instead of hitting it, some way to just move it instead of just destroying it.
Q: Where's the fun in that?
Notch: If I manage to do the large entity block things, then you can just build them. It won't be like a premade thing, but you just made something that can rotate.
Q: Almost in a Little Big Planet with the pulleys.

11 seconds
Notch: Yes. I think. It depends. Real effects ... the ... of the game, but it's much more realistic if you do, so probably.

19 seconds
Q: Seasons?
Notch: Maybe. (Switch between seasons would probably be too sudden)

35) Seasons effecting blocks would be as bad as floating islands falling to the ground in terms of chunk updates. Weather is coming.
25 seconds
Q: Be a little problematic?
Notch: I may have seasons that are differing, like in the winter it's always snowing. But things that effect the blocks are tricky. Weather is coming.
Q: There it is!

28 seconds
Q: (Asking if you can recover a complex item without it breaking down into base components, maybe like boats or something?)
Notch: That's probably not going to happen.

37) Carrying a beacon may make it easier to find your corpse if you die. Chalk or engraving on walls can help you mark your path.
Notch: But not like getting into it. Might be like rituals and magic to make a larger thing.
Q: Build a house and make it take up one slot.
(Notch signs a bowl and misspells his name.)
Q: Are you planning to change how snow interacts with flowers?
Notch: Yes. Not sure how, I might just add a snow texture under the flower.
Q: What about implementing something like, you get lost down in the cave and killed, and then you have to get back. Are you planning on any kind of directional to get back where you were?
Notch: Like beacons that you use? Perhaps if you were carrying a beacon.

QED: Sign my camera?
Q: Notch, are we all your friends now?
Notch: Yes, but not on Facebook.
Me: So Notch, what about something like chalk, to write arrows on walls in caves, so you know which way you've been, which way you need to go.
Notch: I like that.
Q: Or engraving or something.

18 seconds
Notch: Chalk is probably more fun.

2 seconds
(nothing useful)

32 seconds
Me: well I can't hear anything. I'm going to restart this so I can actually see chat.

Me: Hey, I can see chat now.
Q: How many people are on there.
Me: I've got four viewers right now, but that's because I just restarted it.
Q: Does it kick everybody off?
Me: It's gonna count up as people automatically refresh and join in again. Up to 25. I was at 280 which is why I was hestitant to restart it. Because they don't know what's going on if they didn't hear what I said.
Q: Ask if they can hear them.
Me: You guys need to let me know if the wind is causing issues.
Q: It's like a baby
(Notch pets creeper)
Me: Oh, have him answer chat questions, there's a good idea. Give me some good questions, guys.
Q: Can they hear you from there?
Me: The wind is loud, ok. Hey uh. I'm gonna bother him when he's done signing that.

6 seconds
Me: I'm gonna go downwind.
(I believe I meant upwind, so I could aim the camera downwind and the microphone wouldn't be assailed with winds.)

43) We'll have leashes to pull animals. And leashes could allow animals to pull carts. We won't have minions/slaves.
23 seconds
Me: ... animals that pull carts?
Notch: Yeah, I'm gonna have kinda leashes that you can drag animals along. And yeah, having them be able to drag carts as well.
Q: I was talking about someone who was getting annoyed to have to grow wheat all the time. Are we going to have our own minions that can do that?
Notch: No, probably not.

12 seconds
Me: Notch mentioned earlier that we will have lifts for caves, and minecarts.

45) The mouse changes your direction in the boat so the controls are the same throughout the game.
Q: When you move your mouse, does it still turn you on the boat?
Notch: Yeah, it does turn you.
Q: Are you ever going to get rid of that?
Notch: The guy sitting?
Q: Yeah, when you move your mouse, it sort of turns you that way? You get rid of that yet?
Notch: No but it will make you look around. You mean the graphics of the guy sitting in the boat?
Q: No, I think she's talking, like, instead of just holding and moving around, it'll move you in that direction.
Me: Mouselook movement in the boat.
Q: Like third person just view it.
Q: An alt key where you press it you can look around. This W becomes that W.
Notch: I tried to make it so it's always the same controls more or less. So it's not like a tank game where you're in the tank and this one turns the turret.
Q: It's not something really major, but you know. I don't really care that much, but some people really would. I'm normally not looking around, but I know I'm gonna be looking where the heck are those sharks gonna be sometime. I know one of these days I'm coming. One of these days I'm not gonna read the blog, and NOM whale, I'm dead.

(Omlet is confirmed, between videos. Was asked in the ustream chat)

46) Egg tossing. Snowballs that slow down mobs. The purpose of domesticated animals is to create a "farm" where they won't disappear.
Notch: I was thinking I'd do something with the eggs, where you throw the egg and it hatches immediately.
Q: I was looking at a Let's Play on youtube, and I was thinking you throw some eggs at some of the creatures just to make them angry. You see a little skeleton you throw a little egg or a rock at him.
Notch: Snowball. I don't think if they get angry by that but they should. 
Me: They're also asking about farming animals. Being able to put animals in a pen, breed them, for food.
Notch: Yeah, that's the plan for animals. They're not going to spawn in groups of 20 anymore, but when you find them you have to bring them back.

Q: Have you thought about adding like a sunset or sunrise animation. Like maybe it gets orange.
Notch: I've been thinking about it, but since I want to make it blocky it's going to look a little weird.
Me: The water system would need to be redone before we could get water gates.
Notch: Pardon?
Me: Someone's talking about water gates. The water system would need to be redone before we could get something like that.
Notch: Yeah, I'm not sure if I'm ever going to fix the water system. Because it's a local model that way and I want to keep it that way.

(A water system that's easy to make waterfalls for, but easy to clean up if you made a mistake.)

9 seconds
Q: Waterpumps?
Notch: Don't even need them, we have the springs now.

48) Serverside inventory is next. We may not hear what Valve wants -- depends on how much they'll let him say. We will not be getting remote controlled creeper headcrabs.
Redgirl: What are you doing next? What's on your aggenda?
Q: We want the secret Friday update!
Redgirl: What are we going to see next?
Notch: Serverside inventory is the thing.
 I was hoping to have it done before I went here, but I was too nervous about the trip to get anything done.
Me: Yeah, check the forum later for her notes, she's been taking them about everything. Say hi!
Redgirl: Hi! Also, my friends and I were trying to make a menagerie with pigs and chicken, but the problem is that we have fences around them. But if they're kept in there too long, they disappear. Is there going to be any kind of feed system to keep them happy?
Notch: Yeah, when I do the fix on the animals, if you have them domesticated they'll stay there forever.
Notch: They ... but they ... immediately. I don't know really what to do. Because it's two features that kind of negate each other. I don't know which one I should do.
Q: When was the first time Valve contacted you?
Notch: Well, the first time I saw was the blog thing.
Q: Before they even contacted you they put it up on their blog?
Notch: No! They have sent me emails, but I hadn't seen them.
Q: It's tomorrow.
Q: Are you gonna post how it goes on your blog?
Notch: I don't know I don't think so.
Q: Facebook fans!
Notch: But this is kind of scary. Because we didn't know how many or where or what. Just a random thing, MinecraftCon.
Q: In a park, in the rain.
Me: So Notch. Henry Ford, the inventor of the automobile, said that if he had asked people what they wanted, they would has asked for faster horses. Someone is asking for pig steering. I don't think that's the end. I think that's faster horses.
Notch: My unofficial philosophy is to give people what they want, not what they think they want.
Q: What's one of your favorite suggestions for updates so far.
Notch: Pigman.
Me: It just came by the chat.
(Creeper origin as a failed pig)
Q: We know you hate us.
Me: Yeah, that's why you came up. Because you hate us. You wanted to tell us lies this whole time.
Notch: I've actually injected you all with poison.
Me: Whoa, uh. That's creepy.
Q: Group photo!
Me: That's the AznCopter there for those that remember him (he was named by uStream chat in the car). The camera he's using is signed by Notch.
Me: Yeah, let Notch take the picture, that'd be great. He's won't even be in it.
Q: How's your battery?
Me: Last time I checked my battery it was at 30%. So I'll be going out soon. Shade has been saving his, so when mine dies you can switch to his.
(Chat asks how long it's been going on)
Me: This actually the third or fourth video. This is at 15 minutes. What time is it. 6:40. This has been running for almost two hours. 6:40 in the afternoon, Pacific time. Con goes until 8, yes. And now we are remilling and because it's not raining we don't have to be under that tent which means it's gonna be a lot winding and I won't be able to catch any sound.
7:15 Me: Scuse me, scuse me, scuse me. I can't creep in here.
(Guy has a creeper)
Me: Oh hey. The stream is now looking at your creeper. Oh his leg fell off! Nooo, he's gonna explode! You know I wanted to bring some papercraft creepers and put fireworks in them.
Q: I saw that big creeper and I didn't know if I should run.
Q: I leave the server running on my computer, and I also have Folding@Home. So I constantly have 95% up and percent used, so I keep getting the server can't keep up messages. It looks like the more of those I get the more memory the server is using. It gets up to 250, 350 just fine. I think it's down around 50 when no one's online.
Notch: I think that's because -- the Java garbage collector is operating. So that would be able to run up to the max.
Me (Reading chat): Crafting creepers? Remote controlled creeper headcrabs?
Notch: No.

49) Moon cycles, if we get them, may effect alchemy, when we get it. Might have werewolves. Enemies should be predictable. Cheese is go.
Notch: It's amazing how people can not get the idea. So anyway.
Me: So is that moon cycles you guys are talking about? Phases of the moon? Different lightness at night based on what the moon is at?
Notch: And that could be tied into the alchemy and stuff like that.
Q: Werewolves.
Notch: Werewolves, yeah.
Me: What about additional customization for the characters? Wings, tails, claws, I dunno.
Notch: I think I'm gonna go with inventory slots. Probably have more additional slots. Like a cloak on your back.

Q: Some kind of bumpmapping on the characters?
Notch: I think that would look out of place.
Q: Are you planning on updating the AI on the creatures? Make them smarter?
Notch: I try to make them dumber. I like animate ... in the old games, would have like predictable behaviors. But it was kind of difficult.

Q: Where they actually know exactly where you are.
Notch: I have a pathfinder but it's a big broken now. Like when you see a pig standing in one place just jumping, that's the pathfinder freaking out.
Q: What about cheese?
Notch: I love cheese. So I'm probably going to add cheese.

Q: I found a little bug about fences. If you have a cluster of 3x3 fenches, if you don't have 13 blocks nearby. You can make a big maze of fences, make it invisible.
Notch: That's somewhat similar to the stair bug.
Q: Trees can take over the fence and grow over it.
Notch: Oh. It can probably take over stairs then.
Q: Public bug tracker?
Notch: I've been avoiding them because I've never seen one work. It's just duplicates all the way. But if the community can get one to work--

50) Map making is desired, but unsure how to do it. Lightning?
57 seconds
Me: (Cartography.) Map making.
Notch: Yeah, I'm not sure how I would ipmlement that from a technical standpoint. Because what would it keep track of, where would it store it, and what about when you moved. I want it, but I don't know how.

Q: Do you ever think about ...
Notch: Like in Vonce(?)? Yeah, I'm trying not to steal too many features from Verbal Mind.
Q: Lightning. Trees on fire.
Notch: I'm trying to avoid things that randomly kill the player.
 Sure, if you can't hear a Creeper or something you explode. Most of the time you see them just as you die, which is more fun than just dying.
Q: What inspired you to create Minecraft?
Notch: Well, I was playing Dwarf Fortress, and wanted to make an isometric--

Q: Notch, I noticed in your Twitter you said that sales have gone far beyond everything you expected in your life. In the entirety of Minecraft, what did you expect? One thousand?
Notch: No, more than that. But I was perhaps expected on the order of 50 sales per day. Because that's barely enough to make a living off. (Did I hear that right? The math seems rather wrong.) But now it's like, a huge torrent of people throwing money at me.
Q: When did you realize that this was bigger than you expected.
Notch: It took actually a really long time. Sales were going good, and I was so sure it was a temporary thing, I think, like six months ago now is when I quit my then part time job and focus on this.
Q: You think Valve might try to push better graphics.
Me: Valve has no control over him. Yet.
Q: What things are you allowed to say to us?
Notch: Anyone interested, a decent game developer, would probably trust me to know what's best for the game. Anyone wanting to invest in it would probably want better pixel graphics, but probably the same resolution and such.

52) Dragons. Polar bears in winter. Sea update will include coral, fish. Goblin villages may not just be goblins, and will hate, not care, or like you. You can influence how much they like you. Unique items in village chests.
Q: I noticed that in the games you used to make before Minecraft that there's a lot of similiar things in the game Wurm. You didn't get so far in that game, how did it do so much better on Minecraft than...
Notch: Wurm Online was a lot more ambitious, 'cause it's a lot of work for the players for every single player. I could cram features in really fast. Writing complicated code, but fun.
Q: Do you plan on adding dargons?
Notch: Yes.
Q: You should add polar bears.
Notch: In the winter.
Notch: Weapons that do different stuff, yes.
Notch: When I do the big sea change, with corals and fish.
Q: Fishing?
Notch: Fishing is boring.
Me: A couple questions before my battery dies. Someone asked about redstone trapped doors.
Notch: Yeah. Trap doors are coming, I don't know how yet. And they will be able to be activated by restone. Watergates as well. That can let water through.
Me: And the other question was more information about the goblin villages.
Notch: I don't have much planned, but random villages with monsters in them, and they start up either aggressive, neutral, or friendly, depending on what type of mob it is. And if you do good things to them, the meter of how much they like you goes up, and the bad things go down. Like if you hit them they get angry. And if they're friendly they might start throwing things at you as gifts, and if they hate you they might chase you. It'd be very basic. The idea is to make it so you get kind of-- they look silly-- so you feel the emotional like, they look at you. Throw stuff at them.
Q: Will there be chests in the village so you can get special items?
Notch: Yeah, probably.

Q: How would you be friendly?
Q: Throw food at them?
Notch: I've been considering several different things. One thing that would be really silly would be to have--

53) Monsters won't build houses, they'll spawn with them. Gold tools may be easier to enchant. Original plan was to work on Minecraft for one year. Now, it's going to continue development as long as people are buying it. Hostile mob farming, with an army and sieges, may be possible.
Q: Would the monsters in the villages actually build the houses, or would they just spwan it.
Notch: They would be prespawned when you load the map. It would be interesting to have them build them, but I think that would be too complicated.

Q: What happened to spawn houses? Where you used to get a house when you spawned it?
Q: You can build your own.
Notch: It was really good for people who were new in the game. Because it game them this house for the first night. But everyone more or less--
Q: It's survival. You're supposed to--
Notch: Yeah, people kept building off that house, so it was kind of limiting the player a bit.
Q: Why did you choose Redstone for the circuits?
Notch: I don't know anymore.
Q: People think gold would make more sense, since it's conductive.
Me: (to chat) Gold has been discussed, it's probably going to happen.
Notch: I wanted a new minable ore. I think. Yeah. And then I had some vague plans like the gold tools being easier to enchant or something.
Q: When did you want to finish the entire game.
Notch: Originally I thought I was going to work on it for one year. I don't even know how much. Every time I add--
Q: It just keeps growing and growing and--
Notch: Yeah. Thankfully the code base is kind of stable, so it's kind of easy to add stuff. So I keep trying to make it not spaghetti code, so you get stuck in it. But yeah I don't know how much longer it's going to-- but I've made an official statement that I'll work on it as long as people buy the code. Because I want to work on it.

Q: You said that you were going to add-- you could capture mobs and farm them. Can you capture hostile mobs. Have you heard of that idea.
Notch: I have now.
Q: I was thinking you could have a zombie that follows you amount, so you could have a siege game where you bring your army of goblins.
Notch: That's a really good idea."


tyrone said...

At the end of 14), my question wasn't about upgrading graphics, it was about the logical structure of the world in Minecraft. (WALL OF TEXT inbound!)

Lighting is currently computed by-block, which limits how much can be done with lighting. (if it were redone to use more graphics card, it might open up all sorts of interesting possibilities) And the way chunks work, the server sends large amounts of data to clients as they move around. If the world were stored/streamed in a quadtree-like fashion, it might allow much larger server sizes. (again among other possibilities)

But my question came down to whether changes like that might (have to) happen, or if he wanted to keep things more simple. (as in strictly block-based the way it currently is)

His answer was he would like to keep it simple. Though he continued saying that signs are somewhat complex... [compared to a block] (whether they're on a side, or the ground, etc) And if he has to add many more such exceptions, it'll get unwieldy and he'll probably have to rework some things.

So probably no quad-tree based terrain generalization, but maybe a more robust/generic entity kind of system to augment or coexist with the block-centric world. (but probably only if future additions get too far outside of the everything's-a-block mentality the way signs have begun to)

mikazuki hiroyuki said...

Thanks for correction you might want to correct stickman in the forums too